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Does the Walter Scott Shooting Affect St. Louis Police?

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Does the police involved shooting of Walter Scott in Charleston, South Carolina, have a bearing on police in St. Louis? Former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch believes it does.

Fitch says statistics show crime rising in the St. Louis City and County as criminals continue to push the limits.

“I think what you also have to look at is, not just that crime is going up,” Fitch says. “Because right now, you are seeing the criminals test the waters.”

Fitch adds that the police officer should not have shot Walter Scott and that the officer did not follow training protocol.

“And let’s not miss appoint here an educational point in this Walter Scott case,” Fitch says. “If Walter Scott had complied with the officer, he wouldn’t have ended up dead.”

He says that it is a common theme also found in the Eric Gardner…

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