Want a Meeting? Bring Two Team Members.

David Cummings on Startups

Managing inbound requests to meet up and help out fellow entrepreneurs is always an internal struggle for me. I want to help, but I’ve also found that the majority of the first-time meetings aren’t a good use of time. Personal referrals from trusted friends are always the best, especially when a Simplified One Page Strategic Plan is required prior to meeting (or paying it forward). Last week I heard a new idea: we can meet when you have two other people come with you that are committed to the startup.

Here are a few thoughts on requiring an entrepreneur bring two other committed team members as part of meeting:

  • Convincing other people to join the startup requires leadership and passion — two critical traits of successful entrepreneurs
  • Many meeting requests are an effort to validate the quality of the idea (which is bad to do), so having two other team…

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