New VA Hospital Price Tag Should Anger All of Us

CBS Denver

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced to lawmakers on Tuesday that the new price tag for the VA hospital under construction in Aurora is $1.73 billion, with a b, dollars.

Just to remind everyone of the project, since it’s been delayed for a long time, the original price tag was $328 million, with an m, dollars.

I understand that this project has been fraught with problems, beginning with how the VA Department initiated the process. But at some point, Colorado citizens, on behalf of Colorado veterans, must voice our disgust and anger.

We must dig deep on this one and actually work together to mandate the federal government not only fix this, but set up a way so that other states will not go through this same ordeal.

VA Hospitals in other states are suffering construction delays and budget problems, but nothing like we have here in Colorado.

If this…

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