Dyer: True Jets Fans Want ‘Fireman Ed’ Back At MetLife

CBS New York

By Kristian Dyer
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It’s time to bring back Fireman Ed.

There hasn’t been much for New York Jets fans to cheer about over the past four-plus decades, with sporadic teases of joy followed by long waits of anguish. Those moments when Jets fans could escape the misery were often led in chorus by Ed Anzalone and his ultra-passionate style and flair.

And now every true Jets fan should want him back.

The story of Anzalone, better known around these parts as “Fireman Ed,” and his retirement is common knowledge. What isn’t known as well are the threats and physical altercations Anzalone increasingly faced while simply trying to be a Jets fan. He swears that he never received a penny from the team, that he paid for his PSL at MetLife Stadium and that he has played the role of Fireman Ed leading the ‘J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets!…

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