The Constant Struggle of Staying Healthy in College

A College Girl Dealing with Big World Problems

When you first start college everyone warns you about the freshman 15, but after that first warning no one really mentions the importance of staying healthy again.

It’s more like a life choose. You can either be one of those super healthy people that spend hours in the gym eating nothing but healthy foods or give into the easy pre-made meals, hours of Netflix and then have your only work be walking to class.

Being healthy isn’t really stressed as an important part of college life. It’s like this is the one time in your life that you can eat and do whatever you want with no consequence, because you have the ultimate excuse.

I’m a college student.

We have no money, no time and no real cooking experience.

Really most people aren’t prepared to feed themselves and stay healthy for not only these four years, but the ones following…

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