Baños, Ecuador: Hot Springs, Waterfalls, and Taffy



Departing from the bubble of a modern, busy city never really felt like a barrier that was hard to overcome.  The act of leaving is also substantially easier when your eyes are completely enamored with the rising, rugged landscape ahead of you.  Beyond all of the twists and turns of the mountain roads that cut through sheltered valleys & raw ridges was a different world, one that was highly polarized from the existence we just left behind. Our goal was simple; get to Baños, relax, eat well, and get revived.  The echoing banter we seemed to encounter in every travel conversation spoke highly of this area, describing it as a peaceful Andes mountain town overshadowed by lush, green cliffs and a powerful river cutting down through the valley.  Baños is known as the gateway to the Amazon because it’s the largest city in the mountains before reaching the jungles of…

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