Ever tried calling google for some answers? On hold 184 minutes so far and counting

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After learning that one of our clients whose YouTube analytics reported an increase of 46,328 channel views in the last month, yet the public view count reported a DECREASE of 64,017 channel views (which is not the first time this has happened), I called Google Adwords. Not surprisingly, they (again) couldn’t help me nor answer my question as to how this could happen (after all, part of those increase in views came from Google Ads we’d run on the channel so I figured it was worth a try).

So, I called google. I selected the option of “O” since there was no “department listing” that matched my needs. That was at 1:04 pm. At 4:08 I was still on hold when it became crystal clear that one of the wealthiest companies in the world, has no intention of answering my call. And they didn’t even know what I was calling…

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