Warm blue cool blue

The Sketchbook

If you live in Montreal, you’ll probably agree that the light outside is pretty spectacular today. Clear and bright on the fresh snow (unless you are downtown where it’s probably all slush by now) and some great wispy clouds in the sky. When I parked at the golf course my first thought was that wanted to capture the contrast between the warm blue of the sky and the cool blue of the snow shadows. I regret not taking some step-by-step photos of this sketch but I was on my way to school and didn’t have much time. The order of the steps went something like this:
1. Wet the sky with clear water and gently brush in some blue (mostly Cerulean) to create those soft clouds, being careful not to muck around in the sky too much.
2. Mix up a big puddle of the cooler blue (Ultramarine, a bit of Cerulean, and the tiniest…

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