Tom Schweich Talked with Danforth Aide Moments Before He Took His Life

CBS St. Louis

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KMOX) – Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich was reportedly upset over comments that he was Jewish before he shot himself.

Inside information into the suicide of State Auditor Tom Schweich came from former Senator John Danforth to the Kansas City Star Thursday.

Danforth released a statement to the newspaper from his aide Martha Fitz who was on the phone with Schweich moments before Schweich took his life.

Fitz reportedly called Schweich at the request of Schweich’s chief of staff who was concerned over Schweich’s “emotional state.”

The Kansas City Star broke the story. Reporter Dave Helling told KMOX News:

“We received an e-mail from John Danforth after I reached out to him about reports earlier in the day that his office may have spoken to Schweich just before Tom’s suicide.  I received an e-mail from Senator Danforth with a statement from his aide Martha Fitz.  In that statement Martha talked…

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